Everything is about ethics! Are we truly able to fully utilize the technology at our disposal? The answer, I believe, is only partially positive. The advent of artificial intelligence is spreading across the web, infecting both enthusiasts and those who are not, like a real mania. Many non-enthusiasts now find themselves contemplating the immense possibilities that artificial intelligence can offer, imagining that they can use it without consequences, without risks, dangers, and especially without impacting the surrounding world.
However, the careless use of artificial intelligence can easily lead to chaos, especially when the generated images try to reflect aspects of contemporary reality, such as wars and natural disasters. A glaring example of this risk is the digitally created photograph above, entirely false and fabricated by me, but if circulated on the Internet, it could easily be taken by anyone and cataloged as authentic.
It is crucial to realize the serious risk this poses, as it can generate significant problems in the context of fake news, providing a golden opportunity for the spread of misleading information. We should use the technological tools at our disposal to create unique and previously unthinkable works, rather than randomly generating false content to disseminate online, considering the potential catastrophic repercussions that may ensue. In this context, ethics becomes crucial in shaping our relationship with technology and guiding our actions toward a responsible and conscious use of the digital resources at our disposal.


  • I wrote a piece about AI companions recently that explores some big ethical questions -
  • @Ben Catchpole but of course, European lawyers and regulations are just waiting to get their hands on mass-produced products or ideas that are adopted by everyone for the good of all! In Italy I don't think there will be this mass adoption in the next few years, most people will treat AI as they treat cryptocurrencies.
  • @Diego Ponzuoli I have a feeling it will be a mix of common sense, a general malaise once AI become prevalent in our lives and no longer the talk of the time and, unfortunately or fortunately depending on your view, once the lawyers and Big Tech get involved.
  • @Ben Catchpole Hi Ben, I didn't know about the fake speech... funny in some ways, but don't underestimate the response of the public who saw it, I imagine it was creepy. I am convinced that as in all things, common sense will prevail in the end... in the end, not before.
  • The trouble is that when someone has an agenda to push and a tool at their disposal that will help them do it, ethics go straight out the window. Here in the UK we've already had a fake speech by the Mayor of London circulated on social networks by alt-right accounts. We're going to have to fall back on common sense and be adult enough to ask ourselves 'Is this real? What's the agenda here?' at every turn. It's gonna be mentaly exhausting.

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