Any advice for those looking to diversify from Graphic / Illustration into UX / UI work?

for example,
- good short courses covering the more technical skills and knowledge needed, I have a basic figma knowledge and don't need graphic design fundamentals from scratch.

- any places to pick up smaller freelance jobs to build up a portfolio and experience.


  • Hello! I the last 4 years I started into that transition path as well. I think smaller projects with 6-12 screens are the best to start. If you have difficulty in the UX part then start on paid projects redesigning existing small apps. Best places to get those kind of projects in my opinion are Envato Studio, People Per Hour, Dribbble Freelance Job Board, Upworks and Behance Jobs. For UX/UI resources and courses I think Udemy, Skillshare and Youtube are great places to start. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to UX/UI advice, projects sharing for feedback and resources. I hope this helps :)

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