Any artist/painters out there with good advice?

I have always been a creative, especially in drawing, illustrating and painting. During the pandemic I have grown a passion for painting, and I am now painting and selling my work.

I love to constantly learn and grow, and I would love to hear from fellow artists/painters out there if they have any tips when it comes to painting, selling your work, teqniques, art supplies. Anything really.

I have been on the lookout for a mentor for a while, but would love any tips you might have!


  • Hey Frida,

    Im a graphic designer/illustrator i started my career as a graffiti artist i also do canvases, for me painting is expressing yourself using any tool available, dont think so much about the tools think about the feeling you put in the painting, and the outcome you going to have, and make sure it reflects your personality because when you do so thats when you start elaborating your unique style,

    i usually use spray paints, markers, brushes, acrylic paint, oil... anything, but i just make sure that im reflecting my own style in my work.

    good luck :)

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