Any fashion designer who lends clothes for a photoshoot?

I am setting up a fantasy inspired editorial photoshoot, and we will need vaporous garments, dress, crown etc. Any other suggestion for this project is welcome.


  • @Cristina Zar Hello there. I think you need to email them and ask to be registered. .I did several years ago.. so I am not sure how it works in detailes. I have this email but is for the food page
    Email them and ask for a desk support for the fashion . I don't have any contact name at handy . I hope it helps.. Ciao ciao
  • Hi Rosa,
    My project featured on my dots page, the red tweed 2 piece suit, is available to borrow for a shoot. It's also featured on my website
    All the best,
  • Hello Rosa, try PR Showrooms directly ... just see if any here on this platform. or just select a few from online research ..
    Or you can register to something like this but with their fashion etc. page.. I don't have the link handy at the moment.. They have space for calls etc. etc.
    I hope it helps

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