Any recommendations for a reliable and affordable printer+scanner for graphic design?

- Particularly interested in good colour accuracy
- A4 or up to A3 paper
- High DPI Scanner
- Reliable brand
- Good value for the money

- Ideally wifi/bluetooth for cable management ✨


  • @Christian Johnstone Cheers Christian! Very helpful, will definitely look into that range!
  • Hey Mihai! I waited for ages, trying to work out what the best printer would be but it took forever. In the end, I went with an HP Officejet because it was affordable and on sale. I subscribed to their ink plan too, so I get sent new ink before it runs out which is handy. So far I've found it to be pretty decent for testing print and general office tasks too. I would recommend just trying to find a good discount on a big brand printer. I think I paid around £50 for mine. Hope that helps!

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