Anyone has the experience working with limited or umbrella organisations as a freelancer?

Please share your experience and recommendations. I need one to work with a UK based customer who only would hire a freelancer with backing umbrella or limited organisation and I don’t know any :)


  • @Brian Grant Hello Brian, thank you so so much for your detailed answer and recommendation! This riddle was hard to solve for a beginner alone :)

    All the best,
  • I would advise to go Limited especially if you are going freelance from a full-time perspective.

    Umbrellas are great for short-term freelancning as it saves alot of hassle, but downside is they take a big chunk of your dollar.
  • Hello Dina,

    I have used a number of Umbrella companies in the past.

    One that I can recommend is a company called Giant -

    It is fairly easy to sign up and they pay weekly so you do not have to wait for too long once your timesheet has been signed off by the client.

    Have a wonderful day.


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