Anyone have time to look over my work and give me some feedback?

I'm working from my home studio and testing different lighting rigs and composition setups using objects around the house, to stay creatively motivated.
Moving towards product and brand photography after teaching, landscape and portrait photography.
Any feedback on the work would be apreciated, thanks!


  • Do you currently have acoustic insulation? This is very important if you are recording audio in a tight space.
  • @Alice Ferguson Hi Alice great to get your reply, thank you for letting me view your work and wish you success in the future once things are back to normal.

    Kind regards
  • @Alan McNeish
    Hi Alan,

    Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback. I just moved from Wix to Squarespace so as to have a cleaner aesthetic and more responsive layout for my website.
    I currently use a Canon 77D (as I use it for video work) and a Canon Ef 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 Ii Usm Zoom Lens. In my studio I use continuous light along with daylight (weather permitting).
    The tip for the latex gloves is great, thank you, I will bear that in mind. You are right about the challange with the reflective and glass surfaces.

    Thank you, again for your feedback, it was really useful, I really apreciate it!

  • Hi Alice

    I hope you are well. I like the layout f your web site and you have some interesting images and some good ideas. What camera and lens do you use and do you use flash or continouse lighting? When setting up a still life the best thing to do is wear latex or similar gloves and have some microfibre cloths I noticed on a few of your images that there were spots on your items, by wearing the gloves and cleaning the props before you set them up, you will have a set of good images. There is one shot that has the packaging in your recent work page. Try and keep tha packaging closed and tidy up the other packaging so that you have nice clean edges. You have handled the images with glass as the subject, this is not alleays easy to light. You have a good selection of images in your follio. Keep up the good work. I lookforward to seeing more of your work in the future.

    Jind regards
  • @Alan McNeish thank you here is the link:

  • @Kenneth Archbold thank you here is the link:

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