Are there any mentors for architecture. Or anyone that understands technical drawings and using 3D software?


  • @Pavlo Okhremchuk Hi pavlo thanks for your response. I just wanted to know how you go about planning before starting a 3D project. Also any useful resources on making better renders or exercises you would suggest doing to understand 3D software.
  • @Natalia Zwardon hi Natalia thank so much, really appreciate it.
  • Hi Jemima,

    Happy to help you understand 3D and technical drawings in architecture or any art related projects.

  • @Venetia Adjei Hi Venetia! Thanks so much for your response. I’d really appreciate your help.
  • Hi Jemima, I'm happy to help. I've been in the architectural field for over 5 years and have extensive use of Revit and have knowlege of technical drawings.

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