Are you a final year creative student who feels pretty uncertain about your last weeks of study and final submissions?

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Each week, our founder @Alec Dudson will be joined by a guest from industry, education or the student body to offer insight, support and reassurance.

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  • @Carli Adby-Notley wow. No extension seems completely unreasonable to me. I understand your reasons for asking for refunds, but fear that will be a tough battle to win. On a practical level, your priority (short-term) needs to be your assessment. Find any way you can to get the marks you need to get. Hopefully there has been and is good communication with your tutors as to what the adjusted expectations are. You can build your portfolio once you regain access to facilities. Might it be worth asking the university for extended access to the builidings etc. post-lockdown as an alternative to a refund? That way at least you can catch up with any projects, production etc. afterwards? Join us Wednesday at 10am on our instagram (@thisisintern) for another episode of Extracurricular and we'll dive into more of this.
  • @Alec Dudson Nope they haven't. If we want to, we can apply for mitigating circumstances and apprently we may qualify for an additional ten days but given i choice a physical course based in uni, with access to studios /kit / creative community / talks with photographers and profressional in industry / the main thing - our grad exhibition in central london / a library etc etc etc its all a bit random creating work without ANY of that. The uni did not react well when we asked as a collective student body about a return on some of our fee's!
  • Yes absolutly!! Shows cancelled, no equipment available to hire, library closed, lockdown and we are still expected to produce work on time.
  • I am soon-to-graduate from Birmingham City University majoring in Fashion Branding and Communication. These uncertain times are surely making it hard for my assignments. I almost was going to fail on my final major project but got lucky and manage to print my look book last minute.

    I try to remain possitive and alsways look on the bright side though!
  • @Hyemin Kang no NewBlood show is a shame, but the awards are still running. I'm actually excited about the incoming flurry of virtual degree shows as I'll be able to see more work than ever. As @Anders Terlongo says, yes companies will still hire, we all just need to keep a close eye on how the situation in the industry develops. Tune in tomorrow if you can and we'll dive deeper into this.
  • I am graduating from Hyper Island in Stockholm June 12th and I recently got hired as a Graphic Designer in Berlin. I am concerned about other creatives that didn't have my luck but I belivce creativity and people like "us" are always going to be needed, pandemenic or not.. just stay frosty i guess and reach out for help.
  • Yes! Only virtual degree show and possibly no D&AD New Blood show in the summer left the students feel pretty worried with our employment. Especially being an international graphic design graduate, would there be companies willing to hire us?!
  • @Sadia Islam Don't worry Sadia, there are tens of thousands of students around the world in the same dilemma. In that regard, the playing field for new graduates is about as even as it's ever going to be. Join us each Wednesday over the next few weeks, ask some questions and we'll get stuck in to it!
  • @Abbie Hopper tune in on Weds @Abbie Hopper, we'll try to cover that. Hoping to make the talk available on IGTV if you miss it. Long-term, I don't think this will hamper your chances of finding a job, it's probably going to make this summer a little different than you had planned though.
  • Yes !!! So uncertain & starting to get a bit worried if it will affect us when we’re looking to get hired

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