Asking this wonderful community for an honest opinion on our portfolio. Finding it hard to connect with stylists/mags. Many thanks.

website is


  • Hey Pedro, great site and imagery, and kudos for seeking direction with getting it right. Your portfolio should tell a story about who you are, what work you do/want to do and should serve as a call to action for the right clients and collaborators that you want to connect with you.

    Looking through your site it is difficult to immediately tell what your story is through the visuals. There's a difference in the feel and styles across your commercial, and portfolio pages, it almost feels like two different photograhers shot those. So maybe ask yourself what work do you want to do more of and center your portfolio around that.

    There's a lot of imagery and as others have said categorisation by projects to give context will make it easier for your audience to understand what they should be looking for. Remember your site should reduce the friction in thinking for them, so again think story telling.

    Put together the portfolio by asking yourself what is most important for a style editor from a publication to see, know, and then act on when they reach your page. If you have not done so yet, look to curate your imagery to be aligned to similar styles to the exact publications you want to work with, so effectively speaking their language, but showing your own creativity and uniqueness in your work.

    All the best, would love to see what a redesign will look like.

  • Hello Pedro!
    Nice to find you here as well! How to set up one's online portfolio is hard. Something I've been and still am struggling with.
    In general, I find that it's more – the ideas – that one bring to the table at the direct contact with those one want ot connect with, that works as a door opener. To me the website works more as a reference.
    I had a quick look at your website & your profile here on The-Dots, plus Insta.
    At quick glance it looks as it's the same images you showcase on your Insta and on your website. I would try to separate them. So that they work more as a complement to each other.
    Regardless of were I look, the dominent feeling is that there are – a lot –of great beautiful images. But – very little text – or non about the context.
    I also noticed you and I have different ideas for the sections portfolio and archives. On your site the Archives looks at first apperrance more smashing than the Portfolio.
    You Portfolio section: Looks suprisingly "shy" at first lglance, with the thumbnails for the images in the Gallery.. I guess your restricted by the tool you're using for creating the Lightbox Gallery.
    – To me a Portfolio should be more of "the Best Of" – a sample / tease from different projects / the first quick view. I belive you have 185 images. I would try to edit that done to less.
    The Archive section: Looks more smashing on first leval, but overkill when scrolling down on second leval.
    – I would as Andres Gear suggested earlier, separate your works into projects, and ad some text about the context for each
    – If you have spreeds of your commercial and editorial work, I would consider showcasing some of them. I belive that could give a quick overview of your work but also put you in a context, to help you visitors a grasp of what your work is about.
    My best wishes!
    // Thérèse – Your Mastered Fellow.
  • I think your pictures are great. I'd love to work with you in the future when possible. go through your website again, and maybe delete a few where you are not 100% happy with anymore. I can see a few old looking style images and others are timeless which are great. instead of info, just add a clients page with their logos, so anyone who is to lazy to read, can see all the brands in a blink of an eye.

    good luck!
  • Have you thought about going for a more ‘collection’ focused approach? So grouping up your shots a little more by project. It might make things a little easier to digest. I’d also consider your user journey on the site too and what you want the ‘call to action’ to be. At the moment when I look through (mobile view, I haven’t tried the desktop), I see a lot of amazing work and a nice clean look to the site. But don’t have that push to do anything like look for a booking form, etc. Just food for thought.

    I loved the style though and the work!

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