Branding - Need (free) help rebranding my sustainable small biz

Hi all,
My business has pivoted and I am looking to rebrand. I help people fall in love with sewing and discover the beauty of mending & upcycling. I am sustainable & circular business.

I am looking for someone who can brainstorm and advice me on creating:
-Branding packs (Logo, colours, packaging, social media covers etc)
- Website customisation

Here's what I can offer in return:
- Complimentary sewing workshops
- Complimentary clothing repair or alterations for daily attire
- Exclusive reusable product bundle, all sustainably made with rescued textiles
- Share my knowledge and support you in achieving your CSR/Sustainability objectives
- Strengthening your sustainable partner network—our eco-friendly alliance will enhance your environmental standing.
- Endorsements through written or video testimonials to promote your exceptional work.
- Recommend you within my network of sustainable businesses
- Website backlink for your increased online visibility.

My current website:
My Insta:
Shoot me a message if you're interested :)


  • Hey Kavitha - I specialise in design for sustainable brands, and your shout-out spoke to me as I am also passionate about upcycling and creating a movemement to deter consumers away from fast fashion. I have worked with sustainable brands like NOVO, Naru Studios among others. Would be more than happy to help. Please feel free to check out my website and get in touch at if you feel my work would align.

  • Hi kavitha,
    I'm excited about the opportunity to help rebrand your sustainable and circular business. With a passion for design and experience in creating cohesive branding packages, I can assist in brainstorming and developing:
    • Branding packs (logo, colors, packaging, social media covers, etc.)
    • Website customization

    A bit about me: I'm a graduate in Animation and Graphic Design with three internships and some freelance works, that have honed my graphic design and branding skills. I can bring fresh, creative ideas to your rebranding efforts.

    Looking forward to the possibility of working together!

    Best regards,
  • Hi Kavitha,

    This sounds like a very exciting project! I would love to hear more! I have worked on a couple of sustainable and empathy based projects, and with a sustainable company in the recent years. Also, my ethos revolves around making positive change through graphic design.

    You can see example of my work can on my wesbite - .

    You can DM or email me at me at
    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you!

  • Hi Kavtiha,

    I am currently available and interested in helping, my work can be viewed at, if you are interested in working together, please get in touch! :)


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