Call for contributors to submit their work to “Hazy Days”, a zine about nostalgia and time well wasted. Get in touch!

Hello everyone!
I’ve decided I’m gonna have another go at making a zine, and I need your submissions!
Hazy Days is going to be about time well spent doing nothing, your favourite ways to waste time, songs that make you nostalgic for a time you don’t really remember, stories of parties past, photographs you don’t quite remember taking, and anything and everything you feel fits the theme.
I’m going to set the deadline for submissions for DEC 9TH, and I’ll aim to have the zine all pieced together and ready by Dec 16th.
I want to see your:  photography, illustration, collage, paintings, poetry, playlists, stories, reviews, interviews, and anything else you got. Don’t be shy, I want to see it all!
I won’t be paying anyone for their submissions, and the zine won’t be available to purchase, it will be available for free on issuu.
To contribute email your work, the title, your name and a short bio to, and check out for updates on the zine.
Thank you!


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