Can anyone help me with suppliers to digitally print my designs onto fabric- I cant seem to find anywhere were I can do this affordably.


  • @Lucy Ellis no, they don’t run, but they are printed onto the surface rather than bonded into the fabric. You can wash at 40 degrees only, so as my first project was a tea towel, it looked great but it faded as you wash it a lot.
  • @Lesley Slater they do seem to be the most affordable! thank you :) what do you mean but not washable? do the colours run? x
  • @Trinity Mitchell fashion formula are affordable, quick and a lovely company to work with, and colours are good but fabric not very washable- so I would recommend them for small projects. Everyone here in London says Silk Burea for high quality- it’s just more expensive so I haven’t tried them yet.
  • @Lucy Ellis Not personally but I studied Textile Design and so many of my peers used and still use their services. I think it depends what you're looking for - which fabrics, the quality and the final use. If you're looking for super high quality silks for high-end fashion example then you'll obviously need to pay more for a great quallity job. But if it's for experimenting, smaller projects or personal exploration then try some of the cheaper ones and see what works for you - you can always change.

    Some places might also do some samples or freebies - call and enquire and you'll get a better idea :)
  • @Trinity Mitchell Ah thats amazing thanks so much! ill call them and have a chat? have you used any of those personally? xxx
  • @Emily Richards Its so tricky isnt it! I couldnt find anywhere to make producing something afforbably! x
  • Hi Lucy, there are a few places out there that seem to be a good price:

    I'd stay away from the big giant ones like Spoonflower who seem to cater for the patchworky market. Obviously also the more you order the cheaper it is by the metre. Usually easiest to call them up and enquire to get the best quote and understanding :)

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