Can anyone recommend any good courses, training or resources for becoming a Producer in the field of Animation/Motion GFX?

I currently work as a Project Manager at an animation company making a range of content for various brands so I have a good understanding of the industry and process.

I already have a number of Producer type responsibilities as part of my job but am looking to transition exclusively into a Producer role within the same company.

As part of this move, I am looking for any opportunities to improve my skills as I have had no 'formal' training in how to be a Producer apart from what I have picked up along the way.

I am sure there are things I could do better and no doubt there are things that I am completely ignorant about too.

I would be especially keen to hear about any courses available, however I am open to any resources out there - events, books, coaching/mentoring, articles etc.

I may not do it all, but I'm keen to throw out the net and see what comes back!

I am of course doing my own research, but if you have any thoughts or suggestions - do send them my way.

Many thanks for reading taking the time to read this :)



  • @Rajesh Shirsagar

    Hi Rajesh,

    Thanks for posting these courses. I hadn't come across the JUST Creative site before. The list looks like a really good resource for those looking to become an animator.

    For me, I am interested in becoming a better Producer who works with animators. So, although it would no doubt benefit me to know aspects about the technical side of animation, I also am keen to allow the animators I work with the opportunity to come up with the best creative solution of how to acheive something themselves.

    Many thanks for taking the time to respond to my question.

  • @Estrella Gomes

    Hi Estrella!

    Thanks so much for your reply and for sharing some really excellent looking resources.

    Sadly, my Spanish is non-exisitent. Google translate enabled me to look around the Mr Cohl & Lightbox sites and read up on the courses, which sound excellent, but I think I may struggle to keep up in a course delivered in Spanish. However, I may ping them a quick message and see if they think it would be possible for a non-Spanish speaker to take part or if they have any plans to deliver them in English in the future. There's no harm in asking.

    From my own searches, most of the courses and resources I have found also focus on film or TV animation, this being an example:

    Although this is not exactly catered to the sector I am working in as you correctly pointed out, there would no doubt be lots of relevent overlap - plus its good to look slightly further afield when trying to progress creatively.

    My own route into animation is slightly different to that of the Animation Producer profiles you described. I studied 3D Design, focusing more on products/furniture. When I began working in that sector I then started gaining experience and working as a Project Manager before moving into a Project Manager role in the animation field.

    Your point about their 'common' route has made me think that a good way for me to develop as a Producer could be to investigate those areas - so thanks! It's unlikely that I am going to become an animator, but I could see how visual communication courses could be of value in becoming a better Producer.

    Out of curiosity, what has been your career path to becoming a Creative Project Manager?

  • Hi Lawrie!

    I don’t know if you know a little Spanish, but here in Spain, we count with Mr Cohl ( Belli Ramírez is behind this site. She has invested her time organizing and creating a curriculum about animation production processes. These courses are valuable if you are willing for some capacitation. The content is based on film a TV series animation projects, so is a little bit different from advertising or corporative animation projects.

    Lightbox Academy has courses about animation production too:

    Many of the animation producers' profiles that I know has studied animation, graphic design, arts, or visual communication. I think the key is to get involved with the team in each project, ask as much as you can, and organize the information, so you can get back to it when needed. Also, of cour read about the animation, processes, find courses with a wide range of content and a macro point of view of the processes to start.

    If you want to talk a little more about this topic, feel free to write me.



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