Can ART change the world ?

Hello dear creatives,
this might be a long shot but you don’t get if you don’t ask…
I (like many other people) have been feeling frustrated, angry and tired with what’s happening with the world and I’d like to stop watching the news and channel my anger into making some political video art instead.
I’d love to connect with different types of creatives whoever you are- you might be a poet, graphic designer, musician, dancer, maker or just someone with a story to tell.
I just want you to be as angry and passionate as I am to make something unique happen.
I’ve got a number of ideas but it all depends on what kind of team we can build together, I want everyone to have their voice in this project
If you’re interested please email me a bit about you and what makes you angry in this climate -
serious candidates ONLY to-
some of my work:


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