Can i get some feed back on my latest video reel?

I'm a video editing student and im trying to get more freelance work, could I get some feed back from you guys on the video reel?


  • Your stuff looks great! I’d just say that that song might be a bit distracting, I generally like to pick instrumental tracks for reels. Also, I would consider grouping the clips/projects together, so if you’re showing off your editing, pick a sequence that really shows off your work rather than individual shots from different projects.

    In fact you could almost go in two directions - either one short (1 min - 90 secs) reel that is flashy and slick, visually striking, that you perhaps put forward for jobs like music video, and another reel which is slightly longer, maybe 2 mins, of clips without music, that show off the bit of each project you’ve worked on that you are most proud of, the most impressive vfx shot, the cleverest edit sequence, for jobs in film etc. Hope any of that helps. Really nice work overall!

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