Contacting companies for work

Hi! I am beginning the process of reaching out to companies/agencies I would like to work for; is it a good idea to lead with asking if they have internship programs open and anything available that would suit my portfolio? If anyone has any example emails/email structures to share I would highly appreciate it! :)


  • I can only speak for ad agencies here. Some will offer structured internships (but from experince usually only for account/client service roles), and others will be much looser where creatives are concerned. Find out who the agency art directors, Creative Directors and Art Buyers are (sometime project manages now double as these) and write to them directly. Share your work and ask for feedback from them on what they'd like to see or think might be missing from your portfolio. Ask outright if they're are any opportunies to come into the agency and maybe spend a bit of time in their design departments. They can only say no. Have you thought about approaching any illustation agencies? They usually have a very good idea of what agencies are curretly looking for. As to 'email templates' I wouldn't overly worry. Any good creative will be more interested in the content of your portfolio than and overly slick email. At least I would :-) Hope that helps.

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