Content creator specialising in video, editing and social media. Studio based in Manchester working with fashion, artists and events.

Knowledge of social media apps are a huge plus.


  • Hey there! I am Hans. I am a filmmaker by profession and Editor, I have maintained audiovisual studies, throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work for many brands, mainly generating content for social networks and web campaigns, so I am currently in search of new opportunities where I can contribute my skills and knowledge to generate content in the best possible way i'm really sure and believe in my capacities, i could say that I'm like an octopus with the capacity to develop my skills into any task, taking and developing different kinds of projects. I have had experience working in Chile and Denmark for different companies, working with brands such as: Vans, The North Face, Ripcurl, SkullCandy, MessyWeekend, among others. Reel : Best!!

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