Deleting questions once you have got an answer. Is it rude and selfish? Debate me.

The Dots allows you to delete a question once people have answered it.

Some people routinely delete their questions once that they have got an answer that satisfies them. I think this is rude and selfish.

it's rude as it puts no value on the work done by people in answering the questions.

it's selfish as it prevents others from learning from the answers. It prevents our community from growing,

I think the Dots should not allow a question to be deleted once it has been answered.

Or am I in the wrong here?


  • @Suzannah Gabriel Thank you for the nice long response. You are right in the case of something that is ephemeral such as meeting people for a project. In my case someone was asking questions about sound recording. I put thought and effort into writing my answers. And I asked for the poster to let us know how it went. I’m sure all of us would have learnt from her experience. But she deleted the post. And made a new post requesting the equipment she wanted to rent.
  • I somewhat agree. If the question was looking for collaborators and they have found those, then I don’t think the opportunity needs to remain.. in that case it is okay to delete it.

    However, if it was a question looking for an answer to a topic or subject that may be of relevance to the wider community or just anybody in the profession then I would not delete it for the reasons you have stated. It’s tricky and everybody is different, but I think we should all be happy to educate and inform one another.

    That’s my take on it :)

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