Does anyone have any advice on seeking experience within photography and film making?

I am looking for work experience in both photography and film making. I am trying to improve my current skills and would love to work shadow someone in the industry.

Based in Brighton, but can travel!


  • I am currently looking to expand my list of assistants to help out on shoots and project (some are paid, some are not)

    If interested please drop me an email or DM with CV.

  • I agree with Kenneth and Jessica start colab with different kind of people even your friends and you will find your niche more easy than shadowing someone tho if you ever around in London we can setup something iI photograph pets tho so i can cast a few and can show what I do
  • I’ve found that researching about my interest, going on YouTube tutorials, and actually practicing and, eventually creating my own body of work really teaches you. I feel like it doesn’t matter what job you have, you can build your actual career path in your own time. Collab with models and influencers, go on ‘daisie’ and look for similar aspiring filmmakers or actors, and market yourself. But if you want an actual job, look for runner jobs (film/tv) and photography assistant jobs, junior and entry level type work.
  • Don't wait for someone to give you experience. Start planning your own projects and do them. (that second part is really important). Make sure you do projects you want to do.

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