Does anyone know how to edit or remove projects from your profile?

I'm trying to edit my projects and cannot seem to find how to edit, remove or change visibility with this new update. I tried searching for any information about it but nothing...


  • Just bumping this in case there's an update, accidentally added something i thought was the project i worked on and now i can't remove it.
  • @Nick Daschevici When I click to edit a project, I cannot see any other option for deleting or changing privacy. I'm on desktop rn might try from the app.
  • @Hannah Woolley you enter in a project from your profile. And you will see three points in the upper right corner. And it has the dele options. This is for the mobile app
  • There is the edit button near projects while editing your profile. You can edit them or delete them from there. Let me know if you sorted it out.

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