Does anyone know how to get into the fashion business ?

  • Fashion Buyer
  • Model
  • Fashion Designer


  • Fashion design batchelors degree or years of retail experience.. Depends which department youre looking to join. Production merchandising styling and buying you can pretty much start anywhere as an assistant as long as you have basic photoshop/illustrator and can use microsoft office. But for design you will need to have studied at a well known university to get your foot in the door, even then you will be expected to work unpaid for a year as an intern And its not guaranteed you will be able to get your first job - it is insanely hard and a gamble.
  • Get a strong portfolio and lookbook collection togther, use that as an aresnal to approach potental retailers or design houses to work for:)
    Good luck
  • Network, and do your research. Google is a very powerful tool. I would also say to put yourself out there and make people aware you want to get into the fashion industry. Meet-up is a good start.

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