Does anyone know legalities around drawing a celebrity's face/image digitally as an illustration, and selling as a poster or on a t-shirt?


  • @Jacob Thomas ahh thanks for getting back to me. I've pretty much drawn a celeb from a Google image and adapted it (changed clothing, colours etc.) so hopefully that shouldn't cause any issues. @Emmanuel Ibeh if I come across anything I'll give you a shout :)
  • If you were doing this for a company like the Gap let's say, you'd definitely need a model release form signed, not to mention whoever took the photo for your reference would need to give the thumbs up.

    Will someone sue? Most likely not. But let's say you had some product that got a lot of attention, maybe your T-shirt gets worn by some celeb and now everyone wants one and its being seen everywhere, that's when the lawyers would come out.

    That being said if there's parody or commentary involved, and not just a straight forward portrait, then you can get away with more. And also depending on where you live, the laws can be different.

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