Does anyone know what is happening with freelancing after Brexit? I'm based in the EU but would still like to work freelance for the UK.

Any knowledge or insight welcome :)


  • Hi Sarah,

    If you are self-employed than it won't make any difference and that's the easiest way for you.

    If you would be employed by a contract it would make it difficult where you pay your pensions etc.. As it seems like now the UK won't make it hard in eaither way if you do a white collar job.
  • @Darren Appleby Hi darren, lovely to connect! Well it's a little bit permature for me over here as I just moved to Spain from London in July. Best places to look for design opportunities are websites like Domestika, Remoteur and We The Makers. I also usually react out directly to publications to see if they are in need of anything. Of course right now the opportunities (in spain anyhow) are scarce but there seem to be alot of design roles emerging at least. Hope that helps and feel free to drop me a DM with any questions you have.
  • Hi there, Sarah! Funnily enough, I am based in the UK and would like to work freelance (in magazine design) in Europe! So maybe we could swap ideas and contacts? I have 29 years experience in magazine Art Direction and Design – I'll drop you a contact request. I am new to this platform – here goes!...
  • It shouldn't make much of a difference. If you are actually physically present it might be more of a process going through Customs, but I doubt it on this side of the Channel. If you are working remotely, the UK has the same VAT rates at the moment. If you work for an agency, they may take care of the taxation side, but there will be reciprocal arrangements in place either now or soon, as I understand it. I work in Europe occasionally, so I'm hoping there will be no difficulties the other way. Check on Good luck!

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