Fellow creatives/side hustlers: how do you look after your mental wellbeing when juggling your business (AND a 9-5 where applicable) ?

Esp when the business is still in the start up phase and not bringing in enough money.

Is it wise to push back some projects you've been working on or push through regardless of setbacks you experience?
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  • You can absolutely burn out. Learn to not feel guilty to take a break, whether that's during a project or once it's done, or even for turning down projects. There will always be more.
    Maybe set a time to turn off your phone/not look at anything work related. Not to talk about anything work related. Easier said than done but its just putting it into practice :)
  • The answer is: balance. If you work to much you will have to have the time to rest. If not, you will end with less passion or even hate for what you do. Work / Life / Relax. Regular pauses during the day for food, fresh air, jogging, dancing, having fun, active time. No working during weekends. Or non full time. Just one hour. Choose the best projects you can have. Set yourself bottom cap and dont go below it. Less projects but more reasonable. More fun, more happiness, more passion, more you. You cant do everything. Just push what you really feel. For me my personal works really push my boundaries. But I use them to gather clients interested in my works. I dont have to do something that is out of my system. Of course stretching the comfort zone is working on daily basis for me. Take your time for granted if you can and live your life if you can. Sometimes there are weeks when I work 12h plus weekends but then I take one week free after a month. Dont stay to much in one still position

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