Filmmakers/ videographers - what cameras are your faves/do you recommend? :))


  • Ooh, I just thought of a more affordable and very good option. The Panasonic lumix G9 it’s a great little camera. Good pro features, 4K 60fps/ stabilisation / 1080p 100fps. It comes in around £750 used body only so close to £1000 with lens so not to big a stretch on budget but it has features that stand up to the latest models and it came out in 2018.
  • @Nastya Fastova at that budget you are looking at entry level but today’s standards that won’t get you far as you need all the accessories and depending on what you get Storage. I think the best advice I can give is get the best camera / lens combination you can afford. Throw the money at the lens and try to buy into a system where you can upgrade the body but keep the lens. A Panasonic GH5 would be a great starting point but you are looking at £880 for body only with no lens. The canon 5d mkii is a good but dated full frame camera that shoots nice 1080p. A black magic pocket 4K would be great but has limitations in battery life and needs extras so all in around £1600 If I where you I would save a bit longer and opt for a Sony a73 used around £1300 body only that will give you great all round 4K performance 50mm lens will get you started at around £200 . The lumix GH5 is a great video camera also and you could buy it for around £1250/£1300 with a budget lens to get you started. The GH5 still has great professional features. And remember you can always hire lenses and cameras for that matter. I shot my last music video on a Sony a73 and hired an anamorphic lens for the day, I got great results with that. It’s a Pandora’s box when it comes to film. If you’re in a rush and has to be £700 then perhaps an entry level camera such as a Sony zv1 it’s point and shoot but you would be surprised at what you could do with that or a canon m50. They are both vlogging camera but can work. They just don’t look the part for client work. A Fuji xt3 is a great little camera it lacks stabilisation but the image is lovely, again over budget at around £800 without a lens. With an adapter you could buy vintage lenses quite cheap although they would all need to be manual focused. Vintage lenses have a specific look and can be quite cool for video work. Contax Zeiss and Contact yashica lenses are fairly cheap to buy and you can adapt them to all the cameras mentioned pretty much. Not sure what lenses you currently own for your photo camera ? I would suggest look to that brand first and use the same lenses if possible. Anyway I’m not sure how much help that was as with a limited budget it’s tricky. Good luck!
  • @Antonio Ayuotis Haha thanks! I’ll be shooting music videos and videography, for professional work and online social media presence for a studio. I already have a professional camera for photography, so a video first camera would be a bonus.
  • @Nastya Fastova I guess the next questions are What are you wanting to shoot? Where will it end up? ie social media etc and do you also want to shoot photo with it? Answer those and I Can point you in the right direction as I’m a bit of a camera gear obsessive!

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