'Flowers of Shun' the first in a series of recent paintings inspired by the tv series Flowers written, directed, and starring Will Sharpe.

As someone with ADHD and recently diagnosed Bipolar type II, Flowers tickles and pierces my heart. It's outrageously brilliant. Anyway, I decided to start painting after taking a break from making art to study an MA in art history. I love art but I'd become disillusioned with it and, more destructively, myself. Plus some horrible life things happened that require ongoing therapy.
I was apprehensive about painting because I was worried I would be total [insert your own adjective], on the flip-da-wip it seems I needn't terrorize myself as much as I once did.

The composition of the paintings are inspired by a work I made in 2014 in which I played with a still from a nature documentary, photographed it and noticed something interesting. The dialogue of the images here play with the journey of an image: first, a scene would, perhaps, be relatively intimate amongst the actors as it's filmed. This is then broadcast, then viewed on my laptop, then photographed in a burst of images, and from that one, or maybe two, are composed in paint (water-mixable oils: they're very good!). The canvases are similar in size to a tv screen in the house where I live.

Thanks for reading my waffle, and if you enjoy these paintings, well thank you very much indeed. Jingle Bells!


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