Andy Reeve ✌️

Andy Reeve ✌️

Artist / Writer/ CuratorNorwich, United Kingdom
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Andy Reeve ✌️

Andy Reeve ✌️

Artist / Writer/ CuratorNorwich, United Kingdom
About me
My background and experience in visual arts has developed to include writing and playing around with ideas for screenplays and movies. On Thursday 23 July 2020 I embarked on a serious folly to write one 500 word story every day for a year. This will produce 1 long story using 182,500 words in 365 parts. The reader will be able to rearrange parts as they go along - like a contemporary William S. Burroughs. You can support the project via my Patreon page (links are on the page via the website below). The first seven days are free to access online to give an idea of where the story has begun and where it might go. I don't know myself because they're written on the day. It looks like I'll be returning to work in a call centre soon - which obviously isn't the end of the world - but if that can be avoided so I can finish The Rings of Norwich (working title), and a play that could easily be performed with social distancing and whatnot, that would be marvellous. After all, this is already a lot of work.
  • Flowers: a series of paintings
    Flowers: a series of paintingsHere are six paintings inspired by the first series of the dark comedy tv series Flowers, written and directed by Will Sharpe, who also stars as Shun. Flowers escaped my attention when it was first broadcast because, as I discovered when I first watched it when the second series had arrived, my life was very close to the bones of Maurice and, as I was to discover through a recent diagnosis of bipolar type II, Amy. For me, as no doubt it is for many other peeps, it's a beautiful, funny, honest,
  • Five Hundred Project
    Five Hundred ProjectOn the 23rd July 2020 I had a shave and announced I was going to write (at least) 500 words every day* for a year to form one story that could be arranged by each day using the Dadaesque cut-up technique employed by Burroughs and Bowie. I started writing with no characters, plot, whatever. The cut-up technique fell by the wayside. On the 24th July 2021 I finally finished with a total of 196,491 words. The story is, really, a simple love story involving an idiot with mental health issues (me) r
  • Le Château de Jambon Noir
    Le Château de Jambon NoirOn Saturday 6 February and faced with heavy snow, I decided to make a short film using my cast of toilet roll characters....yes, it is strange. 5 days of hundreds of expletives and hours of corpsing later, I finally had a red carpet premiere and the movie broadcast live on YouTube at 12:00 on 12 February, as well as a "real-time" documentary. I've never done this before, and for sure it's not Wes Anderson, but it's my project and I'm immensely pleased with it. Welcome to Le Château de Jambon
  • Le Château de Jambon Noir - Previews
    Le Château de Jambon Noir - PreviewsLe Château de Jambon Noir is animated short movie premiering at 12:12pm on 12/02/2021...
  • Andy's Cardboard Animation Choux
    Andy's Cardboard Animation ChouxAndy's Cardboard Animation Choux grew from the remains of mince pies and boozy cream. As the Christmas Advent Calendar quickly snowballed into something I didn't intend; characters with back stories, behind the scenes bits and bobs, a new show for the new year had to be done. The Great Latte Show is the latest in a rich canon of television chat shows, and is part of Andy's Cardboard Animation Choux. As ever, everything is done by me, by hand, and using a knackered old phone. Why do I do it?
  • Andy's Christmas Advent Calendar (ACAC)
    Andy's Christmas Advent Calendar (ACAC)Seeing as this year has been horrible for practically everyone, I decided to have a little fun and make a series of silly homemade animated Christmas Advent Calendar videos. I must say it's enormous fun making and colouring in sets and characters using felt-tip pins, bits of card, toilet rolls, and using my drawing with a scalpel skills to make faces and accessories. Whilst it started simple, it's blossomed into "Visual FX" and a cast of five characters. I've made one of two "behind the scene
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Work history
    United KingdomFreelance
    As a freelance creative I can work anywhere. The majority of my work is self-directed, and focused on audience participation and engagement.
     - 7-15 Fye Bridge St, Norwich NR3 1LJ, UKPart Time
    I developed and curated an exhibition of unfinished paintings by some of East Anglia's most renowned artists. The paintings were each in a different state of progression and the audience were invited to explore their views on when a painting is finished.
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    Master of ArtsThe University of Essex
     - Colchester, United Kingdom
    Research topics include: Art & Politics; Magic, Myth and Miracles: Renaissance Art Europe 1200-1700; Collecting Art from Latin America; Philosophy and Aesthetics. Transferable skills include extensive research and critical analysis of primary and secondary source material to produce written independent research on social issues arising from or seen through art history and theory. Excellent and valuable experience presenting artworks and objects for successful acquisition into the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America (ESCALA) to a panel of experts including Dr Adrian Locke, Royal Academy.