Five Hundred Project

  • Andy Reeve ✌️

On the 23rd July 2020 I had a shave and announced I was going to write (at least) 500 words every day* for a year to form one story that could be arranged by each day using the Dadaesque cut-up technique employed by Burroughs and Bowie. I started writing with no characters, plot, whatever. The cut-up technique fell by the wayside. On the 24th July 2021 I finally finished with a total of 196,491 words. The story is, really, a simple love story involving an idiot with mental health issues (me) racked by guilt. Now I have editing to do and I've no idea how much will be put to the sword but some of it will have to go. * I lost an approx. total of 90 days because of a hard drive failure, a severe bout of depression that led to a bipolar 2 diagnosis (52 days) and side effects of both jabs of the covid19 vaccine. I also made a short animated film and red carpet premiere using software I learned how to use as I hurtled through 6 days of lighting inspiration. All of these days were reclaimed.

Photo above: 23 July 2020
Photo above 1 Jan 2021. The beard was deliberately grown and could only be shaved off when one of my followers on Patreon said when a character (Mark) could shave his beard off.
Photo above: 24 July 2021