How do I politely ask an agent if my ideas/work could be bought for broadcast and distribution?

The lockdown, and the lockdown, and now the lockdown has been fun, inspiring, and worrying. Throughout, I've begun a few projects because I wanted to, and, presently, the homemade animations are ones which I think could be developed into a sketch show, series, or more movies. I've made a few bits and pieces, and a short film including publicity material.

It's fun to make, but I want to make more without the nagging balls of having to find a "real job" that interfere's with time.

My voice is strong, fun, empathetic and serious. I know stories, no matter how silly or serious they might be, are essential to our wellbeing. We need silly people like me taking silly stuff seriously. I need someone to help me take my silly stuff seriously enough to make the silly stuff serious enough to be considered seriously silly.

Thanks for reading all of this. I probably could've used fewer words.

Stay safe, take care, be well. X



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