For our student short film GOD IS GREY we are looking for a runner/driver who is based in London!

GOD IS GREY is an international student short film which is written and directed by Jennifer Drake. It is produced by Rebekka Schug and Jennifer Drake in coproduction with the University for Television and Film Munich which is very renowned film school in Germany.

Details: 7th-12th September, London, unpaid

We will cover your travel expenses, offer you great food and beverages on set, great experiences and an international film team which is very passionate about this project!

Logline: Having grown up with two Christian mums, CHRIS (30) always struggled to find his place in the world since he had to keep their relationship secret. After his mum PADDY (58) passes away, he returns home only to find it the same as he had left it. In a desperate attempt to honour Paddy, he makes a rash decision which could cost him his relationship with the only family he has left, his mother MAMI TESS (59).


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