Grow your Social media presence to drives more business tips

The Power of Social media

For photographers, is HUGE...

Social media is a window for brands to view your art, your skills and who you are!

Your digital presence can help you connect with brands in your Industry and even more opportunities for work.

Wanna know two things that can help you grow your social media presence? Here are a few ideas you can try


Show the details that make you - you! Talk to your followers like your friends. Especially on Instagram stories with polls, quizzes and questions. Authenticity is key!

Seek Relationships, Not just followers!

Build your profile by connecting with a few people who are engaged in the same/similar online spaces. As a photographer think about your niche in editorial or commercial photography for example

Remember ALL businesses rely heavily on social media sites like Instagram for engagement, business growth and networking.

IG: K1wicreates for more tips :)


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