Have you been to any remote events/conferences that have impressed you?

What 3 positive things stood out most?
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  • Yes! The event was made by Campari in Barcelona. It was impressive. It was a themed event to promote their drinks based on the 50's-60's. From the beggining until the end it was really special and fun.
  • I tune in every day to watch Oh Wonder live on Instagram. I loved the band already, but love that they are doing this during lockdown. They play one song per day, and work through their albums in order. It helps you to feel connected to them and their music!

    Also, I've attended live Q&As with the Creative Class. They are conversational, and they respond to live questions from the audience, which other spectators can upvote - super useful. The interactive element is so important with this type of event. It's also a space to network and help each other out, as spectators.

    Not sure if that's the sort of answer that you were after, but reach out if I can help in any way :)



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