Have you been unfairly censored by social media platforms? Have you been shadow banned or had your content or accounts removed?

This has been unfairly happening - primarily to marginalised people - for years, and yet it carries on.

So, as the world expands ever further into the Metaverse, how can we be sure it will be the truth we're seeing represented there and not a discriminatorily censored one?

We want to explore this in an upcoming issue of HUNGER through a community-first project we've named THE UNSEEN.

We will provide a platform for discriminatorily censored work to be seen, and for your experiences and thoughts to be heard. HUNGER will publish as much as we can of THE UNSEEN work and stories as possible and will to continue to discuss this issue over time.

To be included in the project please fill in the form below, we will then email you a request for the work you would like to see published and may also request to interview and/or photograph you.


[Please note we are unfortunately unable to pay for submissions, however any shoots will have expenses covered.]


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