Hello:) Any recs for a decent course on film photography?beginner/intermediate level

Would also welcome reccomendations for a reliable and relatively easy to use analogue camera for 35mm fim that won't break the bank! Thank youuuu


  • Your work looks professional to me. Join all the good sites you can. The Dots, Twine, and Behance are all good. Watch out for online agancies like hireillo. You think they are going to find work for you but you are better off finding it on your own. And most of all create personal projects that follow your own vision. That's what is essential. A distinct voice. There's a lot of racket out there.

  • Moment has a bunch of classes with a mix of film and digital. They’ve done courses with film photography YouTubers so you can even go straight to the source of their channels where there’s plenty of walkthrough videos if you don’t fancy paying for the courses. These are the film photography ones: https://www.shopmoment.com/courses/film-courses
  • Hey Emma

    I offer a course in film photography (I’m London based). Feel free to drop me a message :)
  • Hi Emma, you get some really cheap ones from the s cons hand stores. Ask the staff as they might have them boxed up on stock.

    I don’t know where you are but most mid sized cities in the uk should have a few courses to pick from. If not try Meetup.com and look for film photography groups there.

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