Hello! I have just created a website using Squarespace and would love to get some feedback on its layout and how easy it is to navigate :)



  • Hey Kevin, the site is pretty easy to navigate and get around which is great!
    A couple of things to note, it might be better to make the top header fixed/sticky so that people don't have to scroll back to the top to navigate to other pages.

    On the homepage, on the section about you, with the text on top of the image, I would work on the responsiveness of it, as on narrow screens before going to mobile, the text width becomes quite small and could be bigger. I would also think of whether the links in this section should be blue, as they may be hard to read for some people.

    On the contact form, I would probably make the email clickable, and the contact form button should be bigger, and more obvious. Add padding around it, and make it white or another colour that will stand out against the blue background.

    You've also got a blank white bar at the bottom, which could be used to add a footer, or be removed. At the moment, it looks a bit like something hasn't loaded there, which may be the case.

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