Hey everyone what website portal do you suggest for artists who work in a diverse range of media ie fine art, illustration, writing?


  • I do not suggest diversifying a portfolio. A niche portfolio is a vital means to transform your work into a finely honed blade to capture a client's attention. You indeed, may have many skills, and find a benefit in cross promotion, but you will SELL more if you put that writer's portfolio away from your graphic design and keep that away from your purely fine art. It may sound initially counterproductive, but the best thing I did for my career was accidentally specialize in cartography. Yeah, I can illustrate a wide variety of other things and have the capability to do many graphic design tasks, but my chances of standing out are higher when people don't see one map among an assortment of business cards, pamphlets, concept art, comic pages, and artistic portraits.

    I also do not suggest any website portal. If you're serious make your own website as soon as possible, it will be far more valuable than a page on an art portal highly dense with other artists. You don't get clients hanging out with a thousand other starving artists at your side. You get them by going where the clients hang out with each other and making it incidentally known that you have this specialist business while engaging with them on topics they care about.

    That said if you're not prepared to make a website just yet, you can't go wrong with Artstation as a basic portfolio host... the service is fairly up to date and you're in better company than DeviantArt, and it's not primarily Japanese users like Pix.iv which is an option of course, but I found I felt fairly isolated with the dominant Japanese posts and my work using the English language quite often. :)

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