Hey :) I'd love any sort of feedback on a few look book ideas I've started with, your fave, typeface suggestions, layout, etc. Cheers!


  • The composition on all of these are awesome! Particularly love the bottom right example, as already said I think the clothing directs the eye to the text perfectly.

    Typeface wise, I'm a fan of all of these. Super sophisticated and screams confidence. :-)
  • @Ryan Young I think it works as it has a editorial/fashion vibe - you could experiment with other playful types if you wanted to but I like it. I haven't got a lot of experience in cover design so I think trust your instinct! :)
  • @Victoria Geary Thank you, them 2 are my fav ones :) what do you think of the typeface?
    It's a lookbook cover concept for an artist that makes furniture, accessories, clothing, etc out of recycled fake hair
  • All look lovely! The last image with the skirt flow line directing to the title is great composition. But also feeling the one above it too with the elbow pointing towards it as well. Good luck with the rest of the project! :)
  • For context - it's for an artist that makes things out of recycled fake hair (furniture, clothing, accessories, etc)
  • Well in my opinion the third ones on each row fit best to create a consistent theme. That might be a good selling point for your client
  • If we are basing our choice on what we are looking and nothing else... I would go for the fist one from the first row and the second one from the second row.

  • @Kaja Kubiczek thank you :)
    it's for an artist that makes clothing, furniture, bags, out of hair, recycled hair, etc
  • Hi Ryan,

    Great ideas but without further description it's hard to understand your project :)

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