Hey would anyone in London like to join and collab on a creative project. I am looking for photographers and videographers/filmmakers

I would like the The project to be freestyle based. And not just solely based on what I wanted to do. I was thinking of gathering a few creators and we all work on each project and compile it into one film. For example if your topic/idea is based on street art or graffiti we all work and capture that type of art based on your direction. That will be 5 minutes. The next scene will be a totally different topic based on that artist/curators direction. In the end we’ll have 25-30mins work of content but the whole short film would see 3-4 different topic or ideas. I’m open to ideas for each one. One could be documentary, one could be short screen film. One could be BTS of fashion designer etc.

Just a showcase of different work from different curators. I want to be able to bring this industry together. Connect more people. Rather everyone fighting for a spot to be seen or heard. It doesn’t have to be too big. Neither does it have to be too small.



  • Hi Izichi,
    This sounds very interesting! I would love to be a part of it.
    I'm a videographer/photographer and here is my portfolio and Instagram.

  • Hey Izichi,

    This sounds great. I’m definitely interested in getting involved. I’m a videographer and editor who often works in London. Check out my showreel here: https://vimeo.com/393446609 x

  • I’m a London base video editor & videographer, I would be up for for this
  • I’m a London based photographer my instagram is @sicwen and I’d love to collaborate or talk about some ideas with you.

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