HI Dots, i am seeking feedback and advices. i am an experienced 3D designer, strong background.

Somehow i am lagging a steady suply of freelance jobs. my network is not that strong. seems a very general problem but i am wondering if someone has tips.

i am located in berlin: www.tomfritz.io

i would be very happy to be more often involved in creative chalenges and team projects.



  • Hi Tom, I also live in Berlin and I’m trying to build my network as a freelancer as well.
    I use freelancer.com to find some projects but even with experience and a decent portfolio, it is pretty difficult to find any real opportunities besides low paid unreasonable offers.
    On the other hand, my advise would be trying to get noticed by the people in the same industry who can directly/indirectly forward you some jobs on a regular base. I used to do projects for individuals but then I realised working with other professionals is a long term investment.

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