Hi guys, I would really appreciate some feedback and advice on my online illustration/set design portfolio. | The Dots

Hi guys, I would really appreciate some feedback and advice on my online illustration/set design portfolio.

You can check my portfolio out here https://hollyaspinall.co.uk/ and on my profile on here!


  • It's a great portfolio Holly, the homepage immediately arrests you with a great big whoooosh of positivity with tremendous dynamism and vivacity in the worlds you've created. I use the word 'worlds' purposefully because your style is very original. Also some of the color combinations are superb.

    I would second what Alison says and maybe add some work in context. You have a book cover as a start and a couple of other pieces and it would be good to see how your deft balances of color and linework apply to product. I've no doubt there is a good demand for this type of vibrant work. Also, wild scope for you to contact childrens's book writers/agencies I'm sure.

    Personally, I'm not sure of the need to split into categories Recent Work, Illustration, Set Design. It might be an idea to just have all your work on your homepage, make the thumbnails a little smaller i.e. 4 column, and on the project page have the image right up front and put the explanatory text beside rather than on top? I just get the impression that Reflected, Do You Know...., Dhavari Screenprint, Japan Travel etc all juxtaposed would generate an irresistible energy.

    Augmenting that point, your navigation only reads on one line when I max out my browser width and that gives a little bit of a crammed feel when the navigation spills over to two lines.

    One specific note: I really like The Tempest, it captures the text so well but seems a little muted in comparison to some of your other work. You might look to really maximise the combination of those excellent blues, greens and purples, maybe define the ship a little more, consider fusing Ariel a little more into the overall design?

    Overall though, I really enjoyed taking a look, thanks for sharing. I hope this is some help for you. Good luck!
  • Hey Holly,

    you have a great unique style! What I would do to push the designs more, and what other people have told me in a similar situation is to apply your illustrations to different applications. This could be packaging, fashion textiles, phone cases, card holders, anything relevant that can be sold on the high street, so clients can see how they can commodify from your work. There are lots of mockups online you can download to apply the illustrations to.

    Might be worth collaborating with UI designers on apps/websites if you'd like to go down the digital route more, as illustrations are becoming more popular on digital platforms.

    Hope this helps!


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