Hi! I am curating a digital exhibition and would love to have some fundings and promotion tips. If anyone could help, please let me know!

The exhibition tackles the relations of identities and space in a metaphorical way. Although it would be revealed online, I'm interested in reaching out to all galleries in London. And if anyone would like to collaborate, please let me know!


  • @Racha Bouhouche Yeh for sure, get in touch anytime that you are ready.

    Have a great day.
  • @Brian Grant Hey Brian, thank you so much for taking the time to share all of this! that's really helpful ! will get in touch if you don't mind! x
  • Hello Racha,

    Without knowing the precise details I can only provide generic insights, and if you get in touch then I can help with specifics. I’ll add some tips here that you can put into action fairly quickly.


    • Be clear on how much you will need

    • Have a clear proposition that can be understood easily, no jargon

    • Ask for more money than you think you will need

    • Be careful of raising debt or loans

    • Have a budget on what will go where and how much everything will cost

    • Be creative, you can also exchange money for artist exposure / promotion / sponsorships / partnerships

    • Secure the funding as early as you can in before the event

    • Use social proof, if you have secured a big investor then use that name to get others involved

    • Show the benefits (both long and short term) of investors getting involved

    • Be persistent and flexible, follow up on proposals submitted

    • If you know how to crowd-fund then that is another option

    • Research those that you approach for money and appeal to their self-interest

    • Use anything that can work to your advantage, social, political, cultural, etc.


    • Have a direct connection to your audience if possible

    • Cultivate your audience as early as possible, build anticipation and have pre-launch updates

    • Be professional with invites, emails, mailers, etc. Eye-catching design, no spelling mistakes, etc.

    • Use your network, explore access to celebrities, influencers, thought leaders, etc.

    • Gain exposure on blogs, social media, PR, magazines, radio, etc.

    • Contact your database regularly, or create one if you do not have one

    • Get the venue to market to their client database and incentivise them to do so

    • Think outside the box, create a buzz, do something different that gets attention

    I hope that helps if you need anything else then get in touch.

    Have a great day.

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