Hi! I'm currently applying for Graphic Design roles but finding it tricky to get interviews, so I'm asking for some portfolio advice :)

Here are my links:
Website- https://www.chloerandallhinton.com/
Interactive Portfolio- https://xd.adobe.com/view/73f05cc9-28b8-4fe8-8c67-02b3ef2ba54d-26a3/

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hi Cloe. This is only an opinion, but I find it to be too much happening. Too many projects. I know sometimes can be hard to choose and be selective but maybe you should try to choose the projects you are looking to show, instead of showing 10 different things. I would keep it under 5 and the most recent projects/most worth it.
    Also, remember to define worth in terms of what the project is bringing to the table but also what you relate more with, after all, if that's why you are being hired most likely is that you'll be doing projects surrounding that. For example: if you have a UI project on your portfolio it is more likely that you'll be hired to do UI instead of like photography right?
    Additionally, you can think about the general design of the portfolio, like on the XD Portfolio. The overall feel and the story you are telling with it also leaves a mark.
    Hope this is helpful :)

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