Hi, I'm looking for professionals from any sector to check out my project at www.generositybank.com. Please also check my The-Dots profile.

Generosity Bank has been selected for this years Small Business 100 and was also featured in the UK Foreign & Commonwealth office's 'Great Inspirations' campaign as a business going above and beyond during the height of the Covide-19 pandemic.

The platform enables professionals to connect with small business owners in their area in need of a small amount of help or advice.
All help volunteered is short-term and one off meaning professionals can do good in their community without worrying about time constraints.

At a time when small businesses have had to constantly adapt quickly to unprecedented circumstances due to Covid-19, Generosity Bank enables small business owners to connect with generous local people who don't mind helping or giving a little advice as a one off.

If you are interested in helping out in your community or are a small business in need of a little help, please register at www.generositybank.com


  • @Shana Doherty Thats good to hear and its a great idea so not suprised. Some press and the power of social media would be good to get it out nationally plus good old word of mouth too. I have followed on social and will have a good look at it again (and check out the Q&A Ngozi mentions). Yes, I'm always up for making new connections too. I'll be in touch with any feedback. Have a good evening!
  • @Ngozi Okorie Thank you for checking it out! Please do help spread the word among your colleagues and anyone you know running their own business/self employed. Really pleased you liked the Q&A video too.
  • Hi Shana, this is a fantastic idea! I particularly appreciate your Q&A video on your The-Dots profile page which is really informative.
  • @Linsey M Thank you so much Linsey. It's had really good organic pick up, but need to get the word out more in order to create the national impact I know it can. It's completely free to use, so just want people to get the most out of it as much as possible. Please do register on the site and get in touch with me directly if you wish. Always up for making new connections and hearing feedback! Thanks again.
  • Hi Shana,
    I have had a quick look and so far it looks brilliant, great idea. I'll have a proper look later on and feedback. Is it working well so far? Love the name too!

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