Hi lovely people, I am looking for creatives who can help me with crit/review on one of my Uni project –

“The Emotionary. A guide to visual literacy.” designed for a better way of communicating emotions and feelings that are difficult, sometimes impossible to express without a “picture.”

– here to download: thisisdesign.uk/emotionary.pdf

I am looking for creative feedback – “don’t be nice be helpful” - on how can it be improved.
Do you feel that it could potentially become useful for people who are struggling with communicating feelings and emotions?

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
I hope everyone is safe and well!


  • Thank you Danielle, that will be great, I would love to. Sent you a connect you can message me anytime
  • This is great, well done! I like the concept, it's really impactful. I can't provide detailed feedback as its quite long but some quick call outs:
    1. Need to create more balance on the front page between the copy and the image. So you could center the moon/planet object between the 2 lines of copy, or if that isn't possible then maybe center your name between the horizon and the moon.
    2. Reduce the leading on your headlines. See page 19 & 25 for example.
    3. Need to work on the typesetting, mainly the rag and widows.
    4. Page 3: increase the space around "a guide to visual literacy", its a bit too close to the box.

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