Hi there! I published and updated my portfolio and I would really like if you could give me your feedback!

Here's the link:


INSTAGRAM @ carolinanzalone


  • I can PM you feedback more in depth if you like.
    Illustrations are strong. It all depends on whats the purpose of the work? Proffesional or personal exploration?
  • Personally, I loved it. It is a very creative form of presentation, and very similar to the way my brain works when I create, so I get it. You have shown all your strengths and the style you work in. The additional graphic and fashion sketches is very important when it comes to fashion design, that gave me an understanding of overall concept. It is a truly artistic approach, I would do the same.
    Maybe, I won't include the last projects when you worked as a photographer assistant, as that part visually is very different and has a completely different vibe in comparison, but again, I understand why you did that. Good job!
  • The portfolio as a concept is great. The visual representation is great. The textual description is sufficient, on the border. My note: technical sketches for one look should be proportionately equal. Each page needs to be filled out, or through one, as something seems to be missing.

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