hi there - recently graduated and started to add some college projects - appreciate some feedback - thank you so much - manu


  • I do believe that adding 2-4 projects may be good idea.

    Usually when someone AD/CD is looking over portfolios. They spend maybe 30 seconds per portfolio if they are not interested. Yeah it depends about company, person and situation however you can't expect to get much attention before you grab interest.

    I would say re-create new thumbnail for #OpenThatDoor. I personally would push it more to the bottom.

    Instead of re-designing your current work I would focus on finding actual projects. And as soon as you have something decent to show in your portfolio add new stuff. Remember that your portfolio should probably show type of work what you want to do. Only the best work goes there. No need to add every project.
  • @Tanel S
    thank you so much for taking the time and providing so much details - really appreciate the feedback - part of the challenge is these are college briefs - do you think there is an argument to revist them and make them more consisten ? thanks again, manu
  • Hello!

    Overall look at first is quite nice however again details need attention.

    You are using illustrations from one of the most popular open source illustration library (www.humaaans.com) as your first thumbnail. I am not sure how to take it. It is ok however I would personally really think it through. Even though it is not useful and possible to create custom illustrations always your own portfolio should more or less indicate what you can do and absolutely best work. As a designers we can't always controll what is the end results. When you publish your own portfolio you have complete power. I would even say that if you work with a nice project and end result is maybe as good as you would hope you can still show best version in your folio.

    Based on current portfolio items I can't really understand your unique style. Every project seems to be in different style. It could be good sign and show how flexible you are and how you can adapt your style based on end client needs. Same time based on these works as a client I wouldn't be sure what I will get.

    About and Contact page. As a designer I would put a bit more attention on alignment and typography there too.

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