How and Who do you approach potential clients?

I'm curious to know how other photographers and creatives approach potential clients.
How do you get your work infront of people in a meaningful way?
I have spent the best part of a decade working with the same people.
Often art directors and producers change roles and take you with them which leads to fresh contacts and over time you have a network of people who will reach out to you.
When it comes to starting from scratch (with a new focus) and sourcing new clients and relationships, what is the best approach?
I have been warned that cold emailing is a waste of time and often sets a bad precedent.
What's everyone elses thoughts?


  • Cold emailing still works but whats better is warming up your leads first. Follow them on social media, engage with them in meaningful manner and get to know them a little first. Then when you do email its not so cold and your message will be relevant and sincere.

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