How do you keep motivation with Job Hunting as a recent Graduate in Media or creative industries?

I’m a recent University graduate having graduating in Media & Communications with a 2:1 in Honours in October 2023. I started my degree during peak of covid & spent 60% of my degree online. Things started to open during end of second year which is placement year, so there were lack of opportunities for me to grow my industry skill set. I’ve managed to get trainee/freelance level experience at National Radio stations like Reprezent Radio etc in London that’s about it. I want to do a masters to advance but I feel without necessary experience there’s no point. After countless rejections, anxiety from LinkedIn & Indeed, plus much more I’m starting to feel very demoralised. How do you guys keep motivated to finding a internship or grad level job in creative industries. If there’s any opportunities to network please give me a DM


  • Hey Caleb, firstly I would say, so many people are in your position - even years into your career, sometimes you want to make a change and it feels like piled up rejection. Just to say, you're not alone! Its really tough. What I would say is, find a way to move forward outside of job applications. For example, if its radio you're interested in, you could start your own show on a station like Voices/Vandelay to get a foot in the door in audio, and then you'll gradually start to build relationships. Or, you could reach out and offer to support people who are working independently on podcasts you like, to build experience. Hope that helps, Lex x

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