How to get into Curating in the London area during a pandemic?

Im still in my second year of my Fine Art Degree, but I was wondering if anyone knew of ways to branch out or entry points to get into the industry?
I have been curating exhibitions at University for the last three years with my foundation year included but no where accepts anyone unless you have a certain amount of experience already?
Any help is appreciated!


  • @Kenny Boulton no worries, I'm also based in east london funny enough, also, if you are looking for more art activity you should join a youth forum, im a part of the whitechapel gallery youth forum who take on people yearly around the end of every year. They provide great opportunities to work with renowned artists, curators, journalists and such.
  • @mohammed adel thank you for this! Such a good idea, considering I study at University of East London so not far from me.
  • contact artists on a same level as you whose works you like, see if they are interested in a show and organise it together including venues and stuff. some places have curator programmes you can pitch ideas to like unit1gallery workshop, look at lewisham arthouse as a place to curate shows aswell. look for places actively looking to support art as opposed commercial places as they put out opportunities more often.
  • Can you answer this question?
  • Hi!
    I can’t answer specifically to what’s happening with the pandemic because that does impact things quite a lot, but I’d say just do whatever you can do build up a strong portfolio which really highlights how you curate.

    Don’t be afraid to negotiate terms with potential employers/artists you may work with (if you don’t ask you don’t get). Also gaining experience through internships/voluntary work is always a good way to go, even if you do a few temporary, short term things on the side just to keep things moving.

    I feel like if you seek out a regular stream of opportunities with the focus to build up experience and a portfolio you could easily establish yourself quickly.

    Just remember that you have to move at your own pace and that everyone has a different experience with these things so just keep going with a clear focus and you’ll get there in time.

    There is always a lot of stuff going on within the London art scene so just spend time on building a foundation daily and you will get to where you want to be.

    I really hope this helps.

    Best Wishes,

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